On 3rd February 2023, the District Health Directorate of the Upper West District Assembly undertook a Total Community Treatment (TCT) exercise in communities including Ndoda, Danso, Djaphatra, Adandzie among others. The Treatment was conducted with Azithromycin drug (tablets) and was given to people from age one (1) and above. A team from the district health directorate treated a total of 768 persons in various communities. The essence of this exercise was targeted at eradicating yaws in endemic communities in the district. This is in line with WHO’s yaws eradication strategy consisting of one round of total community treatment (TCT) of single-dose azithromycin. This is to achieve a decrease in yaws prevalence in communities that are endemic for yaws and surrounded by other yaws-endemic areas.

Total Community Treatment (TCT) for yaws