The Ga-South Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region has launched 'Operation one household one dustbin' in its bid to fight the indiscriminate dumping of refuse. The policy was launched at the first ordinary meeting of the first session of the first Assembly of the Municipality. The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Joseph Nyarni Stephen said, “I am determined under my administration to make Ga-South the cleanest municipality in Greater Accra.

“In view of this we would be providing each household with a dustbin in the new policy,” he said. For some time now, waste management has become a key part of campaign promises of political parties, as the city authorities struggle to cope with the waste generated by residents daily. In certain parts of Accra, for instance, a scene of littered refuse, raw sewage sipping through choked drains and open defecation are daily occurrences. It is easy to see markets, major highways and several communities in the city engulfed in piles of refuse. Even in so-called affluent and well-planned areas, the unsanitary conditions and heaps of garbage that one is confronted with is an eye-sore.

To solve this, Mr Nyarni Stephen said it is time to pay a lot more attention to making the environment clean. He believes this will prevent diseases as well as to add to the beauty of the municipality and the capital in general. The Operation one household one dustbin’ policy will only require residents to pay for the cost of collecting the refuse as the Assembly supplies them with dustbins. The Ga-South Assembly will partner private waste management companies to implement this initiative.