As part of achieving the yearly goals in the Upper West Akim District, the Hon District Chief Executive; Eugene Sackey, the District Co-ordinating Director; Samuel Antwi-Boasiako, Educational Directorate, Traditional Authorities, Religious Bodies, Assembly Members backed by some media team from various media houses took part in the commissioning of numerous projects constructed with the efforts of the District Assembly. These projects include;

Kumikrom Presby Primary • Abamkrom Methodist Primary • Adetim D/A Primary • Takorase Toilet Facilities • Mepom R/C Primary • Asuokaw Islamic Primary School • Asuokaw Presby Primary • Owurakesim Toilet Facility • Asuokaw Odumasi Toilet • Ndoda D/A KG • Musah Islamic Primary • Atimatim D/A KG • Asukyerema JHS • Kwasi Nyarko JHS • Adeiso Presby Primary • Adeiso Slaughter House • ADESEC SEIP Project • ADESEC Toilet Facility • ADESEC Water System

The program was intended to officially set all the aforementioned projects into effective use in collaboration with the citizenry of the district and regulated bodies in their respective communities. The programe was scheduled to take a maximum of five working days, spearheaded by the Hon District Chief Executive, Eugene Sackey, to ensure the commissioning of newly constructed facilities in the Upper West Akim District during his tenure in office.

On the first day the team commenced the programme at Kumikrom and commissioned an Ultra-Modern Six (6) Unit well-furnished Classroom facility with well-furnished ICT Laboratory. From there, we moved to Abamkrom to commission a newly built Six (6) Unit well-furnished Classroom facility, and continued to Adetim D/A Primary to commission a school built by the Rebecca Foundation from the office of Her Excellency Madam Rebecca Akuffo Addo. This school has Six (6) unit well-furnished classroom facility with KG and washrooms, and was commissioned with the assistance of Mr. Richard Darko (a Special Aid to Her Excellency, the First Lady). The next day, the team started from Takorase and commissioned a newly built Toilet Facility which will in the long run help eradicate open defecation in streams, classrooms and its environs. From Takorase the team moved to Mepom R/C Primary to commission a newly built Three (3) Unit well-furnished KG with washrooms. At Asuokaw, the team commissioned a newly built Six (6) Unit well-furnished classroom facility for the Islamic Primary.

The team commissioned one facility on the third day at Asuokaw, a newly built Six (6) Unit well-furnished classroom with washrooms. But on the fourth day the team commissioned two facilities in the following communities; 1. Three (3) Unit KG block at Ndoda. 2. Three (3) Unit well- furnished KG classroom with a washroom facility at Atimatim. In order to meet the five days programme, the team commissioned various projects on the last day. Beginning from Asuokyerema township where they commissioned a newly built Three (3) Unit well-furnished classroom facility for Junior High School (JHS). From there Hon DCE and its Officials went to Adeiso to commission a newly built slaughter house for veterinary officer.

The people of Kwasi Nyarko were equally blessed with a Three (3) Unit well furnish classroom block for Junior High School (JHS). Again a water system and toilet facility was commissioned for Adeiso Senior High School.

The program came to a climax at the Adeiso Presby Primary, where the team commissioned a Six (6) Unit storey building classroom. All this notwithstanding, the Hon DCE promised the communities without ICT labs and school feeding program that they will soon be partakers, with the aid of the District Assembly and donors since it was in the pipeline. He also advised them to observe the safety protocols of covid -19, thus the frequent washing of hands with soap under running water, wearing of face mask and keeping a social distance to avoid the spread of the corona virus. He hammered on the importance of maintaining the facilities in order to last for a longer period. The P.R.O of the District Education Service of the Upper West Akim District ceased the opportunity to express his profound gratitude to the Hon DCE , Eugene Sackey and the District Assembly for their good work done. Also he thanked the traditional rulers and religious groups for giving them lands to support the projects for schools and other essentials facilities in the district.

On behalf of the education directorate he pledged an allegiance to put the facilities in good use. The Akuapem Hene of the Upper West Akim District also thanked the Hon DCE for leaving no stone unturned to commission newly built projects in the district, thus Promoting Education in their society and Ghana as whole. He promised the Hon DCE and the District Assembly that the traditional council will also play a positive role in ensuring that the facilities are in good condition at all times.