The program started with a prayer, and a welcome open remarks from Mr. Prince Asante the District Budget Analyst and the District Ag. Co-ordinating Director Mr. Samuel Antwi-Boasianko respectively. Mr. Samuel Antwi-Boasiako, on behalf of the D.C.E and the MP thanked the GPRTU, the Drivers and the Traders for their enduring support given to pave way for the renovation of the Adeiso main lorry Station. The Ag. Co-ordinating Director further announced that there has been a slight adjustment to the lorry Station levy from Ghs1.00 to Ghs2.00 effective 1st February, 2023. He also pleaded with the drivers and the market women to make sure they collect receipt of every payment made to the Assembly. This he said when done would serve as their defensive evidence in case of any unforseen challenges between them and the Assembly and help the Assembly to account for revenue generated. The Adeiso GPRTU No.1 & 2 leaderhip respectively thanked the D.C.E, the MP and the Assembly for their swift effort made to put the Adeiso lorry Station in good state. The heads of the transport union together with the drivers gave a 100% yes to the slight adjustment to the lorry Station levy. However, they pleaded that their place of convenience that is the toilet and urinary should be looked at. They also asked the Assembly to see to it that Traders are given place to transact their business to prevent them from bringing their tables into the lorry Station. They also requested that the Assembly must beef up its measures to prevent other drivers and Okada riders from loading around the station. They said it's difficult for them to get passengers on board at the lorry Station. The District Budget Analyst Mr. Prince Asante in his presentation updated the Assembly Store Occupants on the adjustment made for the Assembly store. He urged the store Occupants to come together and put their displeasure and resolutions in writing and add evidence of their claims to help resolve any misunderstanding because the Assembly is there to seek their well being. The various heads of Adeiso market led by the market queen Obaapanyin maame Dansoa, requested for security to the Assembly store and the market. They also requested for places of convenience and water to the stores and the market. The District Ag. Co-ordinating Director Mr. Samuel Antwi-Boasianko and the District Budget Analyst respectively thanked everyone who made time for the program. The program was closed by a prayer from the District Information Officer Rev. Bernard Aggrey Walker.